Friday, May 28, 2010

Sad News

This event has been canceled. :(

Thursday, April 29, 2010

National Scrapbook Day

So, this weekend is one of the big ones in the world of scrapbooking...NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY!
I love this day. I do. As long as I have known such a fantastic holiday existed, I have celebrated it and all its glory :)
It all started with my friend, Melissa. She invited me to go to a crop.
"A what?" I asked.
"A crop." She replied.
"A what?" my husband asked in confusion.
"A crop." I respond, as if he should already know what I am talking about.
And that began my love of scrapbooking with friends at shops and crops, surrounded by friends and acquaintances with the same hobby as me...turning memories into moments you can relive in your mind.
Once I learned about National Scrapbook Day, I knew I had to attend. A night, a day, and a night of scrapbooking? Sometimes even MORE?
I HAD to attend.
But, then there was the year (2006 to be exact) that I had a baby. On April 6. And National Scrapbook Day was less then one month after that day.
What to do, what to do?
Well, I did what any totally devoted mommy would do. I pumped. I packed. I changed diapers.
And then...I left Baby with Daddy as I went down the road to scrapbook all night long! I came home, slept the sleep of a mother with a newborn. And then...I went back and scrapped some more! I came home every six hours (so Baby got one bottle, then nursed) and then went back for again.
Sure, I was exhausted and my husband may have thought a bit crazy, but I had a fun weekend doing one of the things I love (since I couldn't have slept at home anyway and that's another fun hobby of mine. :))
This year I am celebrating with 5 of my 7 scrapbooking friends at one friend's house. 2 aren't able to make it, but they are still participating (they are still contributing goodie bag treats and a door prize, plus they will win a door prize and get a goodie bag as well). This is my first year since 2004 that I have not gone to a store to crop, but I think the 5 of us will have a fabulous time anyway...we've got all the ingredients needed for a good crop: Lots of table space and comfy chairs, check; good lighting, check; too many snacks and great meals, check; a scrapbooking store at your every beck and call, check (see, my friend's basement is like a scrapbook store...need a certain shade of black to match that paper? She's got it. Need a stamp shaped like a Geisha wearing a clown costume? Got that, too I bet.) It's going to be GREAT!
So, how are YOU celebrating this National Scrapbook Holiday???
And, are you getting ready for the scrapbooking convention coming to Mississippi? I am...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The class list is up!

Check out the class list...there is more then one I want to take and one that I am teaching, too! I am so excited for these learning opportunities.

*all classes are 2 hours

Friday, June 25th
09:00 am | Happy Tree Wall Decor
11:00 am | Cricut Parties 101
01:00 pm | Elegance & Flowers
03:00 pm | Crazy for Cards
05:00 pm | Be Inspired
08:00 pm | Keynote Address

Saturday, June 26th
*two classrooms running simultaneously
09:00 am | You're A Star & You Light Up My Life
11:00 am | YouÕre A Star & Happy Tree Wall Decor
01:00 pm | Be Inspired & Cricut Parties 101
03:00 pm | Flocked Fabulous & You Light Up My Life
05:00 pm | Flocked Fabulous & Crazy for Cards

Monday, March 29, 2010

Class List is Almost Ready!

The class list is almost 100% complete. Be on the lookout for it very soon! Then you can start registering.
And not that I'm biased, but there *might* be one being taught by ME! Hope you can take a couple classes while you are at the convention. The ladies are working hard to get it all together.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We love our exhibitors!

Many thanks to Simply Scrappin' and Charming Gifts for being exhibitors at the 2010 Southern Scrap Escape Scrapbook Convention in Hattiesburg!
Check out their sites to get an idea of what will be at our convention...and don't worry, more exhibitors are signed up and will be added to the website soon.

Oh, and don't forget...Lisa Bearnson's classes are included in the price of registration! What other convention can you attend and participate in "free" classes by such a great person? If you've never met Lisa, you will love her!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gearing Up

I am just giddy thinking of all the fun I am going to have at Southern Scrap Escape in June. I've already designated a project to work on that weekend, between classes and shopping and having a ball with friends, both new and old.

Speaking of new friends, one thing that always makes me a little nervous about attending a big event like this is not knowing people when I go. I am so excited for the chance to attend the various classes and get to meet other people with similar interests as me. I just need to make sure I try to connect with those around me.

One way we can connect is to leave comments on this blog. How fun would it be to get lunch together on Friday and meet in real life??? I've made a lot of friends on blogs just through commenting and having them comment back. If you do want to meet for lunch on Friday, make sure to leave a comment here...once I've picked a spot around campus to meet up...I want Raising Cane's, but I am not sure how far that is and I'd love to pick a place we can walk to.

Another way to connect and make new friends is to make sure to say hi to those around you at the convention. I know we are all grown ups here, but sometimes I think we forget the most basic of friendship making skills, the simple hellos and smiles as we pass each other. If you get to your class a few minutes early, introduce yourself to those around you and see if you hit it off.

Who knows, maybe your newest group of scrapbooking buddies will come from this convention and you don't even know it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Our website is UP! Go check it out and register today! It's early bird registration right now, saving $25!

See our schedule, sponsors, hotels and much more!

We are so excited for Lisa Bearnson to be coming...she is teaching a class and doing a presentation just for you!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ten Goals for 2010 (Southern Scrap Escape Edition)

I was reading a blog I like and came across her post, "Ten Goals for 2010".

It got me thinking about my goals...

For Southern Scrap Escape, I'd like to:
  1. Finish my (will be 4 years old by the time it is the convention) middle child's "Favorite Moments" album, where I put all my favorite snapshots for each oldest child's is caught up to age 5 (he is now 6) and my middle child doesn't have a page to call his own, though I do have the paper line and accessories purchased.
  2. Find/purchase two new products I've never used that our vendors sale and use them in a layout.
  3. Save $200 to use at the vendors :) (This will obviously have to happen BEFORE the convention, but it is a goal of mine still)
  4. Go to the beach Sunday afternoon (it's not that far from the convention, so I think Sunday afternoon will be a great time to escape to the Gulf for a bit and end a fantastic weekend)
  5. Journal on all pages I scrap. I do journaling by hand because I know I will never get around to typing them later.
  6. Attend all the classes I can!
  7. Eat at least three super unhealthy and deliciously worth every calorie treats :)
  8. Meet a few new people and swap scrapbooking ideas.
  9. Go to dinner with a group of new's going to be great to get to meet y'all!
  10. Have a BLAST! No matter what else, I want to remember I scrapbook for me (as a retreat) and my family (as a way to preserve our memories and family history)
So, what are your ten goals for the convention, or just in general? Let's start the new decade off with a BANG!

Coming Soon...

Lynn and Kim are working hard on getting the official site up so you can sign up for the convention, find out about all the fabulous classes, and more!