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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ten Goals for 2010 (Southern Scrap Escape Edition)

I was reading a blog I like and came across her post, "Ten Goals for 2010".

It got me thinking about my goals...

For Southern Scrap Escape, I'd like to:
  1. Finish my (will be 4 years old by the time it is the convention) middle child's "Favorite Moments" album, where I put all my favorite snapshots for each oldest child's is caught up to age 5 (he is now 6) and my middle child doesn't have a page to call his own, though I do have the paper line and accessories purchased.
  2. Find/purchase two new products I've never used that our vendors sale and use them in a layout.
  3. Save $200 to use at the vendors :) (This will obviously have to happen BEFORE the convention, but it is a goal of mine still)
  4. Go to the beach Sunday afternoon (it's not that far from the convention, so I think Sunday afternoon will be a great time to escape to the Gulf for a bit and end a fantastic weekend)
  5. Journal on all pages I scrap. I do journaling by hand because I know I will never get around to typing them later.
  6. Attend all the classes I can!
  7. Eat at least three super unhealthy and deliciously worth every calorie treats :)
  8. Meet a few new people and swap scrapbooking ideas.
  9. Go to dinner with a group of new's going to be great to get to meet y'all!
  10. Have a BLAST! No matter what else, I want to remember I scrapbook for me (as a retreat) and my family (as a way to preserve our memories and family history)
So, what are your ten goals for the convention, or just in general? Let's start the new decade off with a BANG!

Coming Soon...

Lynn and Kim are working hard on getting the official site up so you can sign up for the convention, find out about all the fabulous classes, and more!