Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We love our exhibitors!

Many thanks to Simply Scrappin' and Charming Gifts for being exhibitors at the 2010 Southern Scrap Escape Scrapbook Convention in Hattiesburg!
Check out their sites to get an idea of what will be at our convention...and don't worry, more exhibitors are signed up and will be added to the website soon.

Oh, and don't forget...Lisa Bearnson's classes are included in the price of registration! What other convention can you attend and participate in "free" classes by such a great person? If you've never met Lisa, you will love her!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gearing Up

I am just giddy thinking of all the fun I am going to have at Southern Scrap Escape in June. I've already designated a project to work on that weekend, between classes and shopping and having a ball with friends, both new and old.

Speaking of new friends, one thing that always makes me a little nervous about attending a big event like this is not knowing people when I go. I am so excited for the chance to attend the various classes and get to meet other people with similar interests as me. I just need to make sure I try to connect with those around me.

One way we can connect is to leave comments on this blog. How fun would it be to get lunch together on Friday and meet in real life??? I've made a lot of friends on blogs just through commenting and having them comment back. If you do want to meet for lunch on Friday, make sure to leave a comment here...once I've picked a spot around campus to meet up...I want Raising Cane's, but I am not sure how far that is and I'd love to pick a place we can walk to.

Another way to connect and make new friends is to make sure to say hi to those around you at the convention. I know we are all grown ups here, but sometimes I think we forget the most basic of friendship making skills, the simple hellos and smiles as we pass each other. If you get to your class a few minutes early, introduce yourself to those around you and see if you hit it off.

Who knows, maybe your newest group of scrapbooking buddies will come from this convention and you don't even know it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Our website is UP! Go check it out and register today! It's early bird registration right now, saving $25!

See our schedule, sponsors, hotels and much more!

We are so excited for Lisa Bearnson to be coming...she is teaching a class and doing a presentation just for you!