Thursday, April 29, 2010

National Scrapbook Day

So, this weekend is one of the big ones in the world of scrapbooking...NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY!
I love this day. I do. As long as I have known such a fantastic holiday existed, I have celebrated it and all its glory :)
It all started with my friend, Melissa. She invited me to go to a crop.
"A what?" I asked.
"A crop." She replied.
"A what?" my husband asked in confusion.
"A crop." I respond, as if he should already know what I am talking about.
And that began my love of scrapbooking with friends at shops and crops, surrounded by friends and acquaintances with the same hobby as me...turning memories into moments you can relive in your mind.
Once I learned about National Scrapbook Day, I knew I had to attend. A night, a day, and a night of scrapbooking? Sometimes even MORE?
I HAD to attend.
But, then there was the year (2006 to be exact) that I had a baby. On April 6. And National Scrapbook Day was less then one month after that day.
What to do, what to do?
Well, I did what any totally devoted mommy would do. I pumped. I packed. I changed diapers.
And then...I left Baby with Daddy as I went down the road to scrapbook all night long! I came home, slept the sleep of a mother with a newborn. And then...I went back and scrapped some more! I came home every six hours (so Baby got one bottle, then nursed) and then went back for again.
Sure, I was exhausted and my husband may have thought a bit crazy, but I had a fun weekend doing one of the things I love (since I couldn't have slept at home anyway and that's another fun hobby of mine. :))
This year I am celebrating with 5 of my 7 scrapbooking friends at one friend's house. 2 aren't able to make it, but they are still participating (they are still contributing goodie bag treats and a door prize, plus they will win a door prize and get a goodie bag as well). This is my first year since 2004 that I have not gone to a store to crop, but I think the 5 of us will have a fabulous time anyway...we've got all the ingredients needed for a good crop: Lots of table space and comfy chairs, check; good lighting, check; too many snacks and great meals, check; a scrapbooking store at your every beck and call, check (see, my friend's basement is like a scrapbook store...need a certain shade of black to match that paper? She's got it. Need a stamp shaped like a Geisha wearing a clown costume? Got that, too I bet.) It's going to be GREAT!
So, how are YOU celebrating this National Scrapbook Holiday???
And, are you getting ready for the scrapbooking convention coming to Mississippi? I am...

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Please post that this event has been cancelled!