Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ten Goals for 2010 (Southern Scrap Escape Edition)

I was reading a blog I like and came across her post, "Ten Goals for 2010".

It got me thinking about my goals...

For Southern Scrap Escape, I'd like to:
  1. Finish my (will be 4 years old by the time it is the convention) middle child's "Favorite Moments" album, where I put all my favorite snapshots for each oldest child's is caught up to age 5 (he is now 6) and my middle child doesn't have a page to call his own, though I do have the paper line and accessories purchased.
  2. Find/purchase two new products I've never used that our vendors sale and use them in a layout.
  3. Save $200 to use at the vendors :) (This will obviously have to happen BEFORE the convention, but it is a goal of mine still)
  4. Go to the beach Sunday afternoon (it's not that far from the convention, so I think Sunday afternoon will be a great time to escape to the Gulf for a bit and end a fantastic weekend)
  5. Journal on all pages I scrap. I do journaling by hand because I know I will never get around to typing them later.
  6. Attend all the classes I can!
  7. Eat at least three super unhealthy and deliciously worth every calorie treats :)
  8. Meet a few new people and swap scrapbooking ideas.
  9. Go to dinner with a group of new's going to be great to get to meet y'all!
  10. Have a BLAST! No matter what else, I want to remember I scrapbook for me (as a retreat) and my family (as a way to preserve our memories and family history)
So, what are your ten goals for the convention, or just in general? Let's start the new decade off with a BANG!


Jennifer G. said...

Excellent goals! I definitely need to pull out my scrapping stuff. It has been forever so it is a little bit intimidating, to be sure! So fabulous to "meet" you on the Internet! :)

Jessica said...

I love "meeting" people online :) Grab your scrap stuff and get busy.